Warp 9 Foot Pegs for Talaria Sting MX3 / MX4 / XXX

Color: Black
Sale price$99.00


Warp9 foot pegs are the highest quality footpegs you can find for a Talaria.

The #1 reason Warp9 pegs are superior is because of the manufacturing process which ensures a footpeg that not only fits perfectly, but also will stand up to abuse without the aluminum crushing and causing sagging pegs that hang at odd angles.  Warp9 goes through a special heat forging process to strengthen the aluminum for superior strength and durability.  You get what you pay for with Warp9!


  • Talaria Model Specific (corrected angle)
  • 7075-T6 Forged Aluminum (stronger than 6000)
  • Exclusive "Y" bridge adds 4 center teeth for added grip
  • Extra Wide 57x87mm
  • Permanent Stainless Steel Teeth
  • Uses OEM pivot pin and spring
  • Lifetime Warranty from Warp9
  • Accepts 94-fpslider Supermoto sliders

Note: If you are looking for Surron/Segway footpegs, use this instead.