Best 19" Tires for Surron Talaria Electric Motorcycles in 2024

We are rebooting our #1 YouTube video of all time with a refresh for the best eMoto 19" tires for your Surron, Talaria, E-Ride ProSS, and other similar electric motorcycles.  This year we're doing things a little bit different and we let our customers do the talking.  Below are our top 19" tires from 2023 based on sales with a brief explanation of why they are so popular.  

# 10 Kenda K760 Trakmaster - 6.4 lbs 

This tire remains a staple for rear tires with its paddle like tread pattern.  Although it's a bit smaller in volume than other tires it still remains in our Top 10!

#9 Mitas Terra-Force MX - 5.5 lbs

Mitas makes some of the highest quality and lightest weight tires in the market and we're a huge fan of them.  The 70/100-19 Terra-Force MX is an incredible front (or rear) tire with a perfect blend of traction, size, and weight for our bikes.  This tire is also available in multiple rubber compounds to suite your terrain.

#8 Bridgestone X30 - 5.7 lbs

The X30 is a favorite for Intermediate terrain and light weight.

#7 Dunlop MX53 - 6.3 lbs

The MX53 is an Intermediate terrain tire with a larger than average size for 70/100-19 tires and that makes it a favorite of many.

#6 Bridgestone M203 5.5 lbs

Tied with the Mitas for the lightest MX knobby tire but coming in at a lower price makes this a very popular soft/int terrain tire.

#5 Maxxis Maxxcross INT - 6.3 lbs

It's hard for us to keep this tire in stock and it would probably be higher up in our Top 10 list if it was never out of stock.  Demand is huge for this tire because it's considered the best REAR tire for small electric motorcycles.

#4 Tusk Recon Sticky - 6.1 lbs

The only gummy tire available in 70/100-19 makes this a top selling tire for those looking for extra sticky traction for int/hard terrain.

#3 Dunlop MX33/34 - 5.6 lbs

The #1 Motocross Racing Tire lands at the top of our knobbie tire list.  The top two spots go to all of you looking for something that can shred the road more than the trails.

#2 Shinko 244 - 6.5 lbs

This "old school" enduro tire has a harder longer lasting rubber compound than the 241 and is a favorite for those wanting a long lasting tire that is 50/50 street and dirt.

#1 Shinko 241 - 6.4 lbs

Probably no surprise to many, the Shinko 241 is by far the most popular tire in our industry for the Surron and Talaria sized bikes.  This tire accells on the street and in hard pack jump parks.  It's also great in hard packed and rocky trails.  For those concerned about damaging trail systems it's also great for treading lightly.  


As we were in editing for this video Rocky Mountain ATV the makers of Tusk reached out to us to announce a brand new 19" tire specifically made for our eMoto market and the results are incredible!  We finally have a 19" REAR tire designed for the Surron/Talaria and it's going to become the Gold Standard of rear tires in this motorcycle class.  It's called the Tusk Ground Wire and the rear is an 80/90-19 with massive knobs for a proper rear tire!  The Front comes in 70/100-19. 


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