The Biggest, Baddest, Fastest Surron we've ever Ultra Bee Killer?
Charged Cycle Works Gold Member Surron

In December 2022 we went on a mission to build the most competitive off-road Surron possible.  A bike that could compete against 125 or 250f race bikes in closed course competition.  Rather than retire Brian's RedBull TKO race bike, we built it with all the top shelf components available at the time to answer not only for ourselves, but for you, how competitive can a surron be against motocross bikes?  Is it a pipe dream?  Can a Surron really be competitive against a motocross bike that has been fine tuned over the past 50 years of competition?  While we might not be able to answer that just yet, here is the bike, and yes it's performance is mind bending and we fully intend to produce many videos with this bike to show its capabilities. 

The only thing left on this bike from the factory is the frame, seat,  and some of the wiring harness, everything else has been replaced.  Below is the full spec list.  This is one of those builds where you don't ask the price, we don't expect to build these for customers, it's simply a dream, one of those "what if" questions we all ask ourselves and Charged Cycle Works just happened to be in the position to build such a bike and help answer that question to everyone...what is an electric motorcycle capable of?

Full Spec List

Dimensions and Specs

Weight 165 lbs
Weight Balance 85.5 Front 80 Rear
Wheelbase 53.3 in
Seat Height 36 in
Front Suspension Travel 10.9 in
Rear Suspension Travel 8.75 in
Power  19 kW @ 84v, 17kw @ 72v
Phase Amps 800
Line Current 230
Battery Volts 72 v
Top Speed Plenty!



The KO Tune (For a Sand Drag Race)

To be honest, tuning the KO takes time and patience and experimentation to understand and learn how to make it work for your needs.  It required an extremely helpful discussion with KO to understand all of the settings available to's quite intimidating even for us!  After *thinking* you know how to tune it, don't expect your first ride to go perfect.  Ours required experimenting in the exact condition we were riding/racing in our video to find the best tune, it's certainly not's a bit more involved than that. 

In full transparency, the first drag race did not go well, it was a dog in the sand with a weird power band, much like a 125 2-stroke except it peaked in the middle and then signed off quickly where as a 125 rips on the top end and has no bottom.  We struggled to climb the hill and it was very underwhelming...the bike did not perform well!  We had tuned the power for too soft off the bottom (for trail riding) and had the power sign off too early of an RPM (for motor protection) and this did not work in sand where the rear tire must spin at high speeds to keep momentum and float above the sand...our first tune attempt was a glaring mistake.  While it was great for our typical spirited riding, it failed at racing up an extremely steep loamy sand hill.  After much experimentation this is the tune that rocketed up the sand hill.  We suspect that we could have gone even more aggressive but with limited experience we were nervous to push the motor more in this most extreme conditions of drag racing up a hill that will challenge a 450!

Do you have a favorite tune for your KO?  Comment below and tell us about it!

  • 800 Phase Amps
  • 230 Line Amps
  • 500RPM 65%
  • 1000RPM 70%
  • 1500RPM 76%
  • 2000RPM 84%
  • 2500RPM 92%
  • 3000 - 5500RPM 100%
  • 6000RPM 92%
  • 6500RPM 84%
  • 7000RPM 76%
  • 7500RPM 68%
  • 8000RPM 60%
  • 8500RPM 52%
  • 9000RPM 40%

What's Next?

Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, we will be riding and comparing this ultra competitive bike to everything from motocross bikes to the new Sur-Ron Storm Bee and Ultra Bee throughout 2023.  And don't be surprised if you see us racing this bike in 2023!  We're just getting started!

Bike buildRace




How much for the KO Tuned SUR-RON as shown in this video ?



So if you had to chose between KO nano, KO Pro, or the new x9000. Which would you chose?

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