Nuetech Nitro Mousse Foam Tube

Material: Platinum 10-12psi
Size: 80/100-21
Sale price$195.00


Want to guarantee that you'll never get a flat tire AND run super low tire pressure?  Mousse foam inserts are the answer.  You'll gain about 1lb of weight per tire, but you will be bulletproof (literally).  This is what the Charged Cycle Works race team ran at the RedBull TKO hard enduro race and @brettb35 was the #1 surron to cross the line.  

Fitment & Installation

  • 70/100-19 and 16" available here
  • Not compatible with 90/100-18 tires, Tubliss is recommended for this size.
  • Rim locks are required with foam inserts!!
  • These are difficult to install, suggest having an experienced off-road motorcycle shop install these for you.


  • 100% Flat-Proof – Nitromousse is a solid foam tire insert that completely eliminates the possibility of getting a flat.
  • Better Feel – Nitromousse’s proprietary nitrogen charged technology provides a more consistent and lively feel that eliminates the "dead" feel of other mousses, which gives Nitromousse a more pneumatic feel.
  • 2X Durability – Nitromousse is more resistant to heat and friction, which gives it a much longer life without compromising performance.
  • Standard Progressive Platinum Foam tube feels like 10 psi.
  • Soft Plushie Foam tube feels like 6-8 psi.