18/21 Complete Wheel & Tire Combo - Warp 9 for Surron Light Bee and E Ride ProSS

Style: Black rim with black hub (silver spokes/nipples)
Sale price$1,209.00


This is a complete wheelset with off-road tires mounted ready to ride out of the box.  Set your PSI, install your brake rotors and sprocket, and you are ready to ride in minutes!

The 18/21" wheel combination is a popular upgrade with these advantages: increase in ride height, rolls over terrain easier, massive traction, reduction of flat tires.

NOT COMPATIBLE WITH TALARIA - Talaria wheels can be found here.  Using an adapter to fit Warp9 wheels onto Talaria will void the warranty on them.

Warp9 Include:

    • 18” Warp9 complete Rear Wheel
    • 21” Warp9 complete Front Wheel
    • Front Tire: Michelin, Mitas, or Pirelli (based on availability)
      • Dunlop K990 for RST Forks,  or others available upon request
    • Rear Tire: Dunlop K990, MX33 90/100x18, or K257D based on availability
    • 2mm HD Tubes
    • 60t Warp9 sprocket
    • Brake Rotors: 203mm rear, 220mm front (both MTB rotor spacing)

*Shipping lead time is 1 weeks for complete wheel and tire combos

Charged Advice

  1. 18/21 wheels and tires are great for lifting the bike and providing additional ground clearance and taller seat height.
  2. The increase in rotational mass makes the bike feel slightly heavier and slows the bike by about 5%, see our Acceleration Testing here.
  3. Upgrading to a stronger, lighter chain is recommended to regain loss of power with an 18/21 setup. 
  4. Be sure to study our tire weights page to understand how much weight is added to your bike and make a great tire selection.


You must verify that your fork is compatible with a 21" front tire, many are not!  Forks we know to be compatible are: DNM Volcano inverted OEM fork, DVO Onyx, Manitou Dorado, Fox 40, Marzocchi Bomber 58, and other aftermarket 27.5" and 29" sized forks.  MOST 26" forks are NOT compatible with 21" wheels.

The RST Killah is incredibly narrow most 19" tires do not fit, however we have TWO 21" tire that will fit inside of it's narrow crown, this is the K990 2.7 and Mitas 2.75x21 E-09 Super Light.  If you have an RST fork please let us know so that we mount a K990 rather than the Starcross, the Starcross will not fit an RST.


You will likely have kickstand clearance problems with an 18" rear tire.  You have 3 options to fix this.  You can modify the spring bolt yourself to clear the tire (or simply buy a replacement M6 bolt from your local hardware store).  You can remove your kickstand.  Or you can purchase the NTC Footpeg Mounts which are made for larger tires.

 *Tires take some time to mount, please expect 2-3 weeks for delivery.