19" OEM Wheelset for Surron Light Bee E-Ride

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Tires: Park 241 NEW
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Brand new OEM Surron wheelsets available with tires pre-mounted so that you can bolt them on and go without the hassle of installing your own tires.


  • New or Used OEM wheelset
  • New tubes
  • New tires mounted to rims
  • New o-rings for front hub
  • 48t OEM Sprocket

USED - Any wheelset marked USED means that the wheels have been slightly used but are in good working order with no problems.  If tires are mounted to them the tires are brand new, only the wheels are used.

Park:  includes our most popular Shinko 241 2.75x19 tires which are ideal for people who ride both on and off road or hard pack dirt jumping.

Hybrid: Similar to the 241 Park tires but with more tread. DOT-rated Shinko 244 2.75x19  tires

Off-Road: Mixes the NEW purpose built Tusk Ground Wire 80/90-19 REAR tire and 70/100-19 front tire offering max traction for off-road riding in this size.

Street: Includes one of the lightest 3.00x19" street tires we have found the IRC WF-920

Oversized CST UB Tires:  For your Surron Light Bee includes brand new take-off tires from the Ultra Bee (impossible to get) mounted to Light Bee Wheels which is an incredible setup for your Light Bee.  Front: 80/100-19 Rear: 90/90-19

OEM: A completely stock Suron wheelset with the stock CST tires all in new condition.

OEM REAR ONLY: Complete rear surron wheel with CST tire in new condition