Surron Little Ripper 14/17" Wheel Package for kids

Hub Color: Gold
Sale price$1,079.00


Looking to make your Surron more kid-friendly sized with superior performance?  With this package we not only make the Surron almost 2" shorter, but far more capable with a 14/17 wheel and tire package exactly like an 85 motocross race bike!  This wheel and tire package makes the Surron handle like a race bike for added confidence and control!

Package Includes:

  • 14/17" Tusk Wheelset with 10g spokes and Billet Hub
    • Bridgestone M203 70/100-17 Front Tire
    • Bridgestone M204 90/100-14 Rear Tire
    • 2mm HD Tubes
    • Tires Mounted to Wheels
    • Choice of Hub color (black, red, blue, or gold)
  • Grips to match (black, red, or blue)
  • Footpegs (black, red, blue, or gold)

Looking to purchase the bike as well? Combine this Little Ripper package with a new bike and we will install it for FREE! (local pickup only)