17" Supermoto Wheelset (Surron Light Bee and E Ride Pro)

Sale price$459.00


  • Complete wheelset with tires mounted (ready to ride out of the box)
  • 203mm brake disks (OEM Surron)
  • 42 tooth Sprocket
  • 420 chain at the correct length (For a Surron Light Bee)


CST 3 ply nylon tread and 2 motorcycle level tires DOT.

  • Front 70x90x17 (1.60 rim width)
  • Rear 90x80x17 (2.15 rim width)

The kit has the exact same hubs that come on the stock Surron and E Ride Pro.

* If mounting these on an E Ride Pro, you'll need to reuse your OEM brake rotors and potentially your OEM chain. Otherwise, they will bolt right up.