TRP DH-R EVO Brakes for Surron Segway Talaria

Color: Gold
Left or Right: Left (rear)
Sale price$299.99


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Are your brakes holding you back, fading, over-heating, constant bleeding?  TRP has the answer to our braking needs on the Surron and Segway!  These are some of the most powerful and well built DH MTB brakes on the market which are perfect for the Surron.  We highly recommend upgrading to the 2.3mm front rotor on your front wheel which these are designed for.  Unfortunately because Surron does not use a standard MTB bolt pattern on the rear wheel you will need to keep your OEM rotor in the rear, or upgrade to a Warp9 220mm rotor here.  

Metallic Compound Brake Pads recommended for Surron available here

* TRP Brakes are sold individually. Purchase both Left (rear) and Right (front) if you want the complete set.


TRP DH-R are easily run both MTB or Moto configuration without needing to purchase additional hardware.  The levers are left/right specific, but the brake hose comes detached in the box and you can easily cut the hoses for whatever configuration you want to run.  TRP has a unique bleed-less hose installation process that makes this possible without having to bleed your brakes.  Simply purchase either the Left Lever version or the Right Lever version and you can run them either MTB or Moto configuration.  TRP come with long hoses (rear) and can easily be cut and installed without requiring bleeding of the brakes.  (See Install Video at bottom)


The question we asked ourselves was how do we adapt our braking performance and power to the new standard of World-Cup level downhill racing and heavier e-bikes?

No stone was left untouched and the result at the end of the season was a completely re-designed DH-R: the new DH-R EVO. New ergonomic lever-blade, newly formulated brake pad compounds, new high-performance hydraulic oil, new 5 mm brake hose-system, newly designed and CNC-machined adapters, new selection of 2.3 rotors, newly designed oil flow inside the calipers, new hydraulic leverage ratio, and a smaller size master cylinder piston lift the overall performance of the DH-R EVO to this new standard of racing, now available in gold.

  • New 9mm piston for more power
  • New performance flow caliper for faster response
  • New brake pads for better heat stability
  • New mineral oil for faster flow and increased head stability
  • New 5mm hydraulic hose for high pressure and increase heat stability
  • 2.3mm rotors (sold separate) for increased heat stability and stiffness


Installation Video