Warp 9 Wheelsets for Surron LBX (fast / immediate shipping!)

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Size: 18/21
Style: Black and Red
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These Warp9 wheelsets are boxed and ready to ship immediately!

*They do not include tires, just the wheels/rotor/sprocket* If you want the complete wheel/tire combo with tires mounted ready to ride out of the box, go here 16/19" or here 18/21" instead.  Or follow the directions below to add tires, tubes, installation to your order.

* Using an adapter to fit Warp9 Surron wheels onto Talaria will void the warranty on them. Talaria wheels can be found here

When we do wheels we do it right!  We worked with Warp9 to bring you some very special color combinations in both 18/21 and 16/19.  If you have not seen our many YouTube videos, here is our recommendation for SurRon wheel sizes: 

  • 16/19 is the top dog for ultimate performance and minimal weight gain and enormous tire selection.  We recommend this size to most riders, especially if your bike is running the stock controller and battery.
  • 18/21 is rad for making your surRon larger and feeling more like a motorcycle. Most customers that go 18/21 plan to upgrade their battery and/or power.

Order your wheels with tires already mounted by including the (2) tires you desire, (2) tubes, and (2) install fees for wheels that come ready to ride out of the box!  Mounting tires will delay shipping by 2-3 weeks

Warp 9 Wheel Specs:

  • Anodized 7000 series aluminum rim
  • Stainless Steel spokes and aluminum nipples
  • 7075 T6 aluminum hubs
  • Front Rim Sizes: 21x1.6 or 19x1.60 (some are 19x1.85)
  • Rear Rim Sizes: 18x1.85 or 16x1.85
  • Brake rotors are MTB standard bolt pattern front/rear

Wheelset INCLUDES stainless steel brake rotors AND 7075 T6 aluminum sprocket (60t on 18/21” and 54t on 16/19”)! 

** Some custom colors including Baby Blue, Orange, and Nardo are powder coat not anodized

*** Warp9 rims are NOT DRILLED FOR RIM LOCKS